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A Vision Born From
A Real-Life Quest

From Miami to the world, the quest for community begins.

A community where growth, connection, and mindfulness are the guiding stars.

The Name

Yes, actually, there is.

Do you know what it feels like to want to maintain a paying job, eat well, sleep well, exercise, and do the work to heal all at once? It’s absolutely doable, but the reality is not all days will be a breeze.

This brand is for real people, who are trying their best despite struggling with life’s challenges, big or small. We want to wake up and exercise in the morning, and get going with our day, we just need a cup of coffee first.

Real. Literally. Active After Coffee.

Everyone needs support of some sort.
Even if it’s a cup of coffee...

The Amphora

At the core of our identity is the Amphora, symbolizing the following attributes:

Abundance and Fertility
Representing prosperity, growth, and the bounties of nature.

Transformation and Alchemy
Signifying inner change and personal evolution.

Preservation of Tradition and Wisdom
Embodying the importance of cultural heritage.

Connection between Earth and Spirituality
Bridging the physical world and higher consciousness.

Balance and Harmony
Reflecting a sense of inner and outer equilibrium.

The Community

A Community for Mindful Living

Club Mindfulness® is the core story. Evolving itself from being our slogan to manifesting itself from the inception of the brand as its creative expression.

Quality Over Quantity

While we are aware that the urge to create is an un-negotiable drive, we are mindful to not over produce.
We don't follow traditional seasons; Each year, we release 4-6 limited-quantity capsule collections, aiming to reduce fabric wastage to near zero, with our current wastage at only 3%.

Let's Collaborate

We seek collaborations with artists and individuals who share our values to create meaningful designs and capsules.

From the Inside Out

Sustainability is an essential part of our decision making, not an afterthought. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, with 95% being biodegradable and compostable. Shipping and returns have been carbon offset at our expense, and our full company operation carbon footprint will be carbon neutral within a year’s time with the guidance of our sustainability consultants and partners.